Saturday, April 23, 2011

(From "Random Reflections") It Should Have Been Me

Hello everyone!
Was my last post really March 8? That was already a month and a half ago! Again, it just goes to show how much time flies, and how crazy busy life is! On a happy note, though, I'm currently on my week and a half long Easter break, and let me tell you, it's glorious! And, to make things even happier, when I do go back to school, I only have one week left for finals, and then summer freedom will be mine! Then I promise to post much more often :)
Posted below is a poem I wrote a little over a year ago. I was inspired to write it after my first viewing of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ." As you may or may not know, the movie is a powerful, moving film that is very difficult to watch, and that realistically depicts the sufferings of Christ. Although we have less than one day of Lent left, I'll post my poem nonetheless.
Happy Easter, and happy writing!
It Should Have Been Me
Written by Stephanie in March 2010
God sent you here, Jesus
To die for our sin.
This you did willingly,
To God’s will you gave in.
You did not deserve it—
To suffer and die.
The one up on that cross
Should have been I.
All the blood that you shed
Should have been mine.
The scourging, the thorn crown—
They should have been mine.
To think how you suffered
And endured such torment—
I know that that should have
Been my punishment.
You did nothing evil;
It was I who sinned.
Like a dog you were treated
To die as you did.
I thank you for dying
For me on the cross,
So that I might be saved
From paying that cost.
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