Friday, June 24, 2011

(From "Random Reflections") Music

"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence."
~Leopold Stokowski

Isn't that a lovely quote? When you think about it, it's entirely truthful. I am a musician myself, having played guitar for eight years and flute for five. I've kept up my flute playing consistently since day one. But six years into my guitar life, my lessons stopped, and my playing fell by the wayside altogether. 

I hadn't picked up my guitar in over a year, until a couple of days ago. Of course, my instrument is the very one that I bought eight years ago, and thus is obviously a bit on the too-small side by now. Not to mention it's still strung with plastic strings. Nonetheless, I've been playing my guitar quite a lot lately, reacquainting myself with old pieces that I mastered several years back, and teaching myself new ones. Luckily, a skill like playing the guitar isn't something that goes away when left behind for a long time - when you return to it, the knowledge of it comes back to you easily. Thus, I have been having a grand old time reuniting with my once beloved hobby, my string-strumming skills flowing eagerly back into my fingers.

Saint Francis once said that singing is like praying twice. This is why music - all music, not only singing - is so important. It's two times the prayer. And Saint Francis means real music - not the kind of degrading, vulgar music that is so popular today. That is not real music. Real music is uplifting, inspiring, and moves the soul to a higher level of closeness to God. All musicians who wish to make a positive difference with their music should strive to create and play real music, for this is what is going to bring man up, not drag him down.

Happy music-making! And, as always, happy writing!

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