Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Hello friends! Welcome to my new blog!

Some of you maybe remember me and my high school blogging endeavors with the blog, "Random Reflections of a Young Writer." If so: hello again! For those of you who are new or never knew of my old blog: hi and welcome!

It's been quite a while since I blogged (2.5 years or so). But in recent months, especially after becoming an avid reader of several lovely blogs (please check out my list of recommended blogs!), I've been inspired to reenter the blogosphere. So after a few weeks of pondering and planning, I'm ready to launch my new blog!

Rather than totally starting from scratch, I decided to revamp my old blog and use it as the foundation for a new one. I saved my favorite posts from "Random Reflections" (they are all available in my blog archive), cleaned up and redesigned everything, and called my new blog "Vita Bellissima," which is Latin for "most beautiful life."

I hope to fill this blog with my reflections, musings, life snippets, and experiences, for the purposes of: sharing my life and heart with others; keeping friends and family up to date on my life happenings; and spreading God's love and joy to others. My blog posts will mostly revolve around these themes:
~  God: I'd love to share some of the ways God has worked or is working in my life; things He's taught me over recent months and years; and my joys and struggles on this earthly journey to Him.
~  Life: I hope to share some of my thoughts, reflections, and ideas on life in general, including the hard stuff and the fun stuff. Anything from practical tips, to fun topics like movies, to (hopefully) uplifting reflections on real-life hardships and issues.
~ Adventure: As a wannabe world traveler, I'd love to make travel a big theme on my blog. I hope to write about my handful of past travel adventures, and share others with you as they happen.

Really I'm open to writing on any range of topics under those broad categories, so we'll see what I come up with as I go! More than anything, my goal is to share my real self and my real life with you, in hopes of spreading joy and love to those who read my blog.

a photo from my mission trip
For my first posts, I plan to write a series of posts on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic that I went on in January. So keep a look out for that in the coming days and weeks! In the meantime, please check out my about page and other places around the blog!

I hope you'll join me on this new blogging adventure!

God bless you,


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