Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Break Favorites

My favorite things about this spring break: 

~ sleeping in my own bed
~ cuddling with my dog + cat
~ Sunday Mass at my home parish
~ lunch at my favorite restaurant
~ enjoying the late-winter / early-spring temperatures + sunshine
~ the feeling of spring being on its way
~ sitting in on my favorite class from high school
~ staying for lunch + recess at my high school
~ helping out at rehearsal for my high school's upcoming play
~ spending time at my grandparents' house
~ dinner + fun games with good friends
~ coffee + shopping with my grandma and sister
~ driving my car
~ avoiding homework
~ brunch + catching up with my best friend of 10 years
~ coffee with two close high school friends who were also home on spring break
~ playing Dutch Blitz with my family
~ discovering a new favorite drink at Starbucks: a vanilla chai tea latte
~ an evening of tea, popcorn, + laughter with my sister and 3 of our closest friends
~ Friday fish fry at my home parish
~ one of my grandma's delicious home-cooked feasts

It was a wonderful spring break. It didn't seem too short like most breaks do ~ instead it went by at a nice, relaxing rate. I got to do a lot of hanging out with friends and family + experiencing the things that I love and miss the most from home. I feel ready to go back to school and hit the books, see my friends, and soak up some Florida sunshine.

And guess what? I'll be home again in less than 3 weeks for Easter. See ya again soon, Michigan!

God bless,


  1. Sounds like an awesome spring break!!! Playing games with my family is a favorite past time of mine as well...I'll miss that when I leave for school! We gotta get Dutch Blitz...such a great game.

    1. It was indeed! :) Dutch Blitz - I know, right! It's one of my family's favorite games. It gets so crazy, but it's so much fun!!!

  2. Spring is my favorite time. <3

  3. Hey Stephanie, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog.

    1. Thank you, Grace!!! Can't wait to answer your questions! :)


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