Wednesday, May 13, 2015

{Midweek Musings} Catching Up

Hello, friends! Long time no talk!

I apologize for my month-long absence from the blogosphere. My last few weeks of school were pretty intense, and as such, I needed to put first things first... which unfortunately meant neglecting the blogging world, including both reading and writing, for a while.

In my last weeks of school, I wrote two research papers that were due the same day, took four final exams, pulled my first-ever all-nighter (my takeaway advice: do NOT pull all-nighters), read an insane amount of philosophy while taking extensive reading notes, packed up most of my belongings to put in storage, stayed up till 3am trying to pack the rest of my belongings to take home (only to get up at 5am to leave for the airport to catch my flight), among many other things like running end-of-the-year errands, going to the beach, and saying goodbye to friends. Those last weeks were crazy and stressful, but also fun.

Here are some pictures from a glorious afternoon at the beach with some great friends. We went there on a hot, sunny day once finals were over to soak up some last bits of Florida sunshine...
Now I'm home in Michigan for the summer, and I'm officially halfway through college! I can't believe it! Part of me is excited to be back home, but the other part of me definitely misses my school and my friends there. But I think it will be a fun summer spent with family and home friends, and come August, I can't wait to see what junior year has in store.

I started off my summer with a bang by having oral surgery less than 48 hours after arriving home to remove eight teeth. Yep, eight teeth ~ all four wisdom teeth plus four molars. Needless to say, my subsequent days have been spent at home, taking pain meds, wearing sweats, icing my swollen cheeks, and eating soft, easily chewable foods. My recovery has actually been quite smooth so far compared to stories I've heard, and I'm thankful for that!

Here are some pictures that document my recovery so far:
I get a little bit less swollen each day, as well as a little more able to do things like chew solid foods, close my lips all the way, and smile bigger. Hopefully within the week, I'll be fully recovered and back at it!

Well, there's my update for the week! I promise to get back in a regular blogging routine this summer, so I hope you'll keep reading :)

God bless,


  1. I still have yet to pull an all nighter- I think I'll take your advice and try to never actually do one. ;)
    Good for you making it through all of those papers and exams. School can be so challenging, but summer break certainly is wonderful. I hope you enjoy the time off, and that you recover quickly from your surgery!
    Thanks for coming by my blog- It's nice to "meet" you!

  2. Happy summer!!

    Oral surgery is no fun at all. Not even the ice cream overload was worth it.


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