Friday, May 15, 2015

Summer 2015 Bucket List

Now that I'm done with school and back home, I'm really excited get into the full swing of summer. In anticipation of the great summer ahead, I've compiled my Summer 2015 Bucket List. Nothing too crazy or exciting. Just some things, both general and specific, that I'd like to accomplish or work on...

Survive oral surgery.
Celebrate my sister's graduation.
Have an amazing trip to England.
Take a biology class at the local community college.
Take the college algebra CLEP exam.
Make smoothies.
Run / exercise regularly.
Play my guitar frequently.
Commit some songs on the guitar to memory.
Pick up my flute again.
Pray a 54-day rosary novena.
Continue going to daily Mass like I do at school (as often as possible).
Continue going to adoration as often as possible like I do at school.
Have a get-together with my high school class.
Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Read at least 2 more books. (TBD)
Read at least 3 spiritual books. (TBD)
Have coffee dates with my closest home friends.
Blog regularly.
Finish writing my screenplay (which has been in the works for way, way too long).
Try some natural acne + acne scar remedies.
Learn how to make homemade chai tea + earl gray tea lattes.
Get rid of all the clothes I never wear.
Practice photography.
Start knitting again.
Help my sister get ready for college.
Get in the habit of praying a daily rosary.
Keep in touch with my good college friends.
Take a road trip.

I may add to this as I go along and think of more ideas. But for now, that's the list. I plan to take it pretty easy, get a couple classes taken care of, spend time with my family and home friends, cultivate my hobbies and my spiritual life, and just breathe and live and grow.

Happy Friday, and happy summer!

God bless,

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