Monday, July 20, 2015

{Summer Wardrobe Essentials} Basics

So I've never done a fashion or style blog post before, but I'm taking a shot at one now! There's a first time for everything, right?

Today I'm giving you a peek inside my closet and showing you some of my staple summer wardrobe pieces. Living in Florida during the school year + Michigan during the summer (a.k.a. hardly ever having to deal with winter anymore) has allowed me to work on building my warm-weather wardrobe. I feel that it's grown to be fairly versatile by this point, and so I'd like to share some of it with you, in hopes of giving you some summer style tips + inspiration!

In this post, I've included my summer style basics, complete with neutral tops + bottoms that go with anything + everything. These pieces are the foundation for a versatile, practical, + stylish summer wardrobe.

L to R: beige, Wet Seal // navy + white stripes, H&M // white, H&M // navy + white stripes, Old Navy
I have a little collection of basic tees, comprised of neutrals + stripes. These basic colors + patterns match with anything from denim shorts to a floral print skirt, which makes these tees extremely versatile pieces. These are my go-to shirts for creating a simple, cute look.

all: Old Navy. denim // white // hunter green
I discovered last summer that Old Navy is THE best place to find shorts! Firstly, for someone (like me) looking for shorts that are shorter than Bermudas, but longer than denim underwear (you know the shorts I'm talking about), Old Navy is where it's at. There, you can find shorts that are on the shorter end, without being too short ~ they are still a perfectly modest length. In addition, Old Navy's shorts run true to size, giving you a comfortable, like-a-glove fit. Lastly, their shorts, along with the rest of their clothes, are reasonably priced.

Now that I'm done with my little sales pitch, I'll tell you about my particular Old Navy shorts. As you can see above, I have some basic colors: denim, white, + hunter green. These colors go with tops of just about any color or pattern, making them versatile pieces that can create the simplest + cutest of outfits. 

So I've described my tees as well as my shorts as basic, versatile, and simple. This means that I can mix + match any + all of them to create a variety of simple, stylish, + adorable summer outfits:

brown + black sandals, Old Navy
I should also give a quick shout-out to my sandals, featured in all the photos in this post. I love this style of sandal, because they're functional, they go with basically everything, + they add an extra touch of cute to any outfit. I picked up this pair for a great price at Old Navy, and I wear them all the time! 

Black Maxi
Lastly, I can't leave out one of my absolute favorite wardrobe pieces, for summer + just in general: my black maxi skirt. Maxis are the best: they're stylish, practical, + modest, plus you can dress them up or dress them down. A black maxi goes with absolutely anything, making it ~ you guessed it ~ an extremely versatile wardrobe piece. I love pairing mine with different tops for a variety of cute, simple, feminine looks:

black maxi, Target

I hope you enjoyed this post ~ thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more summer style posts coming your way in the near future!

God bless,

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  1. I have the same striped shirt from Old Navy, and I agree they have the best shorts! :) Love this post!


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