Monday, August 3, 2015

Sailing Adventures on the Detroit River

This weekend, my sister and I, along with two of our good girlfriends, went on an adventurous sailing trip on the Detroit River. It was a hot, sunny, gorgeous August afternoon, and the four of us girls were excited to get together ~ especially because three of us hadn't seen the fourth in over a year.

We went sailing with one of our old teachers, who taught me in middle + high school and who my family + I have remained good friends with in the years since. He + his wife own a sailboat on the Detroit River, and this was my fourth time sailing on it.

On a normal sailing outing, we sail down the Detroit River + on Lake St. Clair, and oftentimes even go swimming in the lake. But on Sunday, our trip had to be kept pretty quick + simple ~ because the wind was crazy! At times, it spiked up to over 50 knots (which is close to 60 mph), and besides that, it was consistently in the high 30's to 40's.

We jostled back + forth in the cockpit as the boat bounced up + down in these gale force winds. The bow even dipped underwater, two times in a row.

Needless to say, conditions were a little too hectic for comfortable sailing, so we cut our trip short and headed back to the dock. Thankfully, sailing was much smoother on the way back, enough that we could (finally) safely head out on deck.

We girls took off our shoes + socks and let our feet dangle freely over the side of the boat. We gazed out in awe over the beautiful blue + turquoise water, chattering + giggling away. All the while, the wind blew in our faces, the warm sunshine beat down on us, and the cold water splashed up on our feet + legs. It all felt so refreshing!

So, despite the rough winds, all of us had a thoroughly enjoyable outing. In fact, the crazy conditions made the trip that much more of an adventure. As our teacher pointed out, we all can now officially say that we've sailed through gale force winds! It was quite an exciting + memorable day.
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