Wednesday, October 28, 2015

{Midweek Musings} Fall Break 2015 Edition

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Last week, I had the privilege of going home for four lovely days for my fall break! The best part of my time at home (besides the obvious getting to see family, friends, and my dog) was definitely getting to experience fall again! Last year, during my first year here in Florida, I did not go home for fall break ~ and it was my first time experiencing the fall months not in Michigan. It was really quite sad ~ I missed the beautiful fall colors, the cider + donuts, and the sweater weather so much! But this year, I got to go home ~ and even though the real reason for it was so that I could keep up with my orthodontist appointments (#bracesprobs), I was happy for the excuse to head north in mid-October!

During my first evening back, my family attended a concert given by Eric Genuis, an incredibly talented Catholic musician + composer who writes beautiful, soul-stirring music. I've seen him in concert before, and even blogged about it before, way back in 2011. Read the post here to learn more about Eric's music and how moving it is ~ my sentiments remain the same even four years later. His music is so strikingly beautiful that it moves you to tears simply by listening to it. I was so excited that his concert in my area was happening during my break and that I had the opportunity to see him once again.

Other highlights of my fall break included...
     ~ getting cider + donuts with my mom + sister
     ~ having one of my grandma's amazing home-cooked meals
     ~ going to my old college for a day to visit all my dear friends there
     ~ visiting my extended family at my grandma's house
     ~ going to Mass at my home parish
     ~ eating my mom's homemade mac 'n cheese (basically my favorite dish of all time)
     ~ getting to see lots of good family friends

And finally, here are a few pictures I took while at home to capture the breathtaking beauty of the fall season up there. Let me tell you, the fall colors and the temperatures were absolutely perfect. It made me wish I could stick around a little longer!

{from my instagramperfect leaf-covered wooden steps at the cider mill
the view driving up my road
driving around was just the best with the beautiful leaves all around
I was so excited to be in a fall wonderland
{from my instagram} the leaves... be still my heart
{from my instagram} my final, birds-eye view of fall as I ascended out of MI
"I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

God bless,

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