Thursday, March 3, 2016

Currently: March

Here we are, already several days into March! To kick off the beginning of the new month, I shared with you a recap of how I did on my February goals, as well as my March goals, in this post. Now today, I'm joining in on the monthly "currently" linkup over at Gold & Bloom, and letting you in on a bit of what I'm up to lately!

Currently // 3.3.16

W I S H I N G  that it was warm here in Michigan. I'm now so used to the climate in Florida that wintry Michigan is just soo.cold. I miss my sunny, moist, warm Florida weather (not to mention my t-shirts and sandals)! Next time I'll try to bring some warmth with me ;)

C R A V I N G  a chai tea latte. (Then again, when am I not?) Something about this winter weather just makes me want to go to a coffee shop and cozy up with a big, hot, delightful chai.

G O I N G  back and forth between Michigan and Florida over the next two months. I'm heading back to Florida on Sunday, only to come back home 2.5 weeks later for Easter, then back to Florida again for another six weeks, then back to Michigan for the summer. I don't much mind all the back and forth, though ~ it makes for a fun balance of school / school friends and home / home friends / family.

W E A R I N G  jeans and a big, cozy, burnt orange sweater. A very appropriate outfit for this snowy, 30-degree day here in the Mitten.

L E A R N I N G  lots and lots about John Donne. I'm writing my thesis on him and his poetry, so I've been learning quite a lot about him lately ~ and will only continue to do so in the coming weeks as I write the paper!

What are you up to lately ~ wishing, craving, going, wearing, learning?


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  1. Mmm, I love chai tea lattes...and now I'm craving one too. :) Cold weather makes me want to drink coffee all day long as well!


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