Tuesday, April 5, 2016

March Recap and April Goals

Happy April, everyone! I know I say this every month, but March really flew by, and here we are already almost a week into April! For me, April is my last month of school, which I can hardly believe. (Guys, my finals start at the end of this month...) So I anticipate April will be an intense but exciting month!

As always, with a new month comes a new set of monthly goals. I mentioned in this post and in this post, 2016 is all about focus for me, and about delighting in being a student. To help myself grow in these ways, I'm setting concrete, baby-steps goals for myself in some key areas of my life. This includes monthly goals, which I share here on the blog, partially to hold myself accountable and also in hopes that it will encourage you in your goals too!

Without further ado, here is a recap of how I did on my March goals, as well as my goals for April.

M A R C H  R E C A P

Academic Goal: Work on, write, and finish my thesis.
GUYS I DID IT! In fact, I just turned it in yesterday! After 12 weeks, 1 poet, 15+ books, 12+ articles, 20 pages, and 6530 words, oh how good it feels to be done. My "Junior Poet" thesis is entitled, "The Coexistence of Catholicism and Protestantism in the Holy Sonnets of John Donne," and I'm quite proud of it. Now all that's left to do is present it in 2 weeks before a panel of literature profs, which sounds intimidating, but honestly, the worst part (the paper-writing) is over! Yusssss. 

Personal Goal: Try a capsule wardrobe.
With the exception of when I was home during spring break and Easter break (when the weather was quite different), I kept up a capsule wardrobe for all of March ~ and overall it was a really fun and successful experiment! The clothes I chose for my capsule wardrobe are all very much my style, and it's been fun finding more ways to mix and match them. I plan to do some capsule wardrobe posts here on the blog in the near future!

Spiritual Goal: Finish out Lent strong and celebrate Easter.
Check! I stayed strong with my Lenten sacrifices and resolutions to the end, and had a wonderful Easter at home. I was able to attend all the Triduum services at my home parish and spend lots of time with my immediate and extended family ~ so overall it was a lovely Easter!

A P R I L  G O A L S

Academic Goal: Catch up - and stay caught up - on readings.
While I was finishing up my Junior Poet thesis, the work for my other classes (especially readings) fell to the wayside a bit. But now that my biggest, most daunting, and most time-consuming project of the semester is done, I can focus all my energy on my other classes. So in the remaining weeks before finals, my goal is to catch up on all my readings, and stay on top of them for the rest of the semester.

Personal Goal: Get a summer job lined up.
My hope is that the place I worked at as a seasonal worker over Christmas will hire me back, so I'll be giving them a call soon to see about that. If that doesn't work out, it'll be time to start looking elsewhere. I'll only be able to work for about six weeks this summer, because I'll be traveling for a large part of the summer (I promise to write about my exciting trip on the blog at some point!). But I'd like to make the most of my short amount of availability work-wise!

Spiritual Goal: Read at least one book for spiritual reading.
I have sooo many spiritual books that I want to read, or that I need to read for my aforementioned trip this summer. But, being a slow reader as well as a student approaching the end of the semester, I need to take baby steps as far as outside reading goes! So this month my goal is to read "Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves" by Jason Evert.

How did you do on your March goals? What are your goals for April?

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