Monday, April 18, 2016

Tips for Buying and Breaking In Birkenstocks

I recently jumped on the Birkenstock bandwagon ~ and I'm so glad I did! I'd been dying to buy Birkenstocks for months, and about two weeks ago, I finally had a pair waiting for me in my mailbox. As a proud new Birkenstock owner who's just learned the ropes, allow me to share my recommendations for buying and breaking in a pair of Birks.

Tips for Buying Birkenstocks

Try them on in person.
I ordered my Birks online, but in order to figure out what size I needed, I first went to Von Maur to try some on in person. I'm so glad I did, because, since I normally wear a size 7.5, I assumed I would need a 38 in Birks (the European equivalent of a 7.5). However, when I tried them on in person, a 37 (which is equivalent to a 6.5) fit much better. So make sure you try some Birks on before making a purchase ~ you may need to order them a size down.

If you need a narrow or wide size...
I have very narrow feet, so I knew I would need a 37 Narrow in Birkenstocks. (This was another benefit of trying Birks on in person ~ I realized that a regular wouldn't be the end of the world for my feet, but that a narrow would certainly be better.) Unfortunately most stores that sell Birkenstocks do not carry them in narrow or wide, but only regular. However, you can find those special sizes on Amazon and Zappos! (I ended up ordering mine from Amazon.) So if you need Birks in a narrow or a wide, look no further!

Tips for Breaking In Birkenstocks

Wear them a little bit each day.
As comfortable as Birkenstocks are, they do take time to break in ~ i.e. they are not comfortable right away! I recommend wearing your brand new Birks for a short amount of time each day, such as an hour or two. Avoid wearing them for prolonged periods of walking, and take them off as soon as they start to hurt. I've been keeping a spare pair of sandals with me so that I can change shoes when/if I need a break from my Birks (which has been lifesaving at times, haha). As your Birks break in more and more, you'll be able to wear them for longer and longer amounts of time, until you can wear them for as long as your heart desires.

Wear band-aids.
Your new Birks are likely going to give you blisters at first ~ for me, I wound up with blisters on the arches of my feet. Don't be afraid to wear band-aids on the spots where they tend to rub or hurt the most ~ it makes a world of difference! Eventually you'll break in your Birks to the point where you no longer need band-aids. (I'm almost to that point ~ yay!)

Now for Some Birkenstock Lovin'

Just to tell you a little bit about my beloved new Birks:

Style: Mayari
Color: Mocha
Size: 37 N
Price: $95

I cringed a bit when I first found out how much Birkenstocks cost ~ and I think $95 is the most I've ever spent on a single wardrobe item in my life. However, I decided that it's worth it to invest in supportive, good-quality shoes. I have flat feet, and with the amount of walking I do at school, flat, flimsy sandals just don't cut it anymore. So I finally bit the bullet and purchased Birkenstocks ~ and so far, they are worth every penny. I'm sure I'll only come to love them more as time goes on!

Bottom line: Birkenstocks are super worth the money, and I love mine!

Do you have Birkenstocks? What do you love about them?


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