Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Currently: June

Can you believe it's already June, and that we're almost halfway through 2016?! I seriously can't. This year has been flying by so fast! I'm excited for June though, because for me it will be a month of friends, family, sleep, and summer nights (walks, bonfires, friends, and all that good stuff). It's going to be a calm, relaxing, and fun month.

With a new month comes a new edition of Currently, hosted by Jenna at Gold and Bloom! So here's what I'm currently planning, enjoying, buying, craving, and pinning.

P L A N N I N G  everything I want to do in the next month before I leave for a very exciting trip! I have about a month to get done anything I want to get done before being away for 5 weeks. This includes seeing friends, doing some shopping, reading some books, and a few other things. So I have to plan out my month accordingly!

E N J O Y I N G  my summer break so far. I really haven't done anything major in the 2.5 weeks that I've been home. Mainly I've been sleeping in, watching shows with my family, going on walks, blogging, studying for my summer class, and seeing my extended family. It's been a slow 2.5 weeks compared to my life at school, and I'm actually really enjoying living a slower, balanced life.

B U Y I N G  skirts for my aforementioned trip! I picked up this adorable chambray skirt from Old Navy over Memorial Day (it looks short in the photo, but it's knee-length on me). I'm planning to go thrifting this week to find one or two more lightweight, mid-length skirts.

C R A V I N G  all things carbs. My family calls me the queen of carbs, and it's really not an exaggeration. I love (and crave) all things pasta, especially mac n' cheese or buttered noodles with parmesan cheese. *salivating*

P I N N I N G  travel-related things like this, striped shirts like this, and pretty things like this. (So basically, all my favorite things.) Follow me on Pinterest for lots of these kinds of pins!

Now for an exciting announcement! So I know I've hinted at this aforementioned very exciting trip several times here on the blog... and I guess I may as well tell you now. I'm going to be in Europe, France and Poland specifically, for all of July!!! I'm so over-the-top excited to spend 5 weeks abroad touring, visiting pilgrimage sites (like Lourdes, Lisieux, and Czestokowa *shriek*), and attending World Youth Day!

I will most definitely blog about the trip afterwards (probably not during the trip, but we'll see), and I'm even hoping to do some vlogs! So stay tuned in August for all of that. In the meantime, if you have any prayer intentions that I can bring with me to Europe (again, pilgrimage sites and World Youth Day here!), do let me know!

What are you currently planning, enjoying, buying, craving, or pinning?


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