Friday, September 9, 2016

August Recap and September Goals

It's already time for another monthly goals post! Like I said in my last post, I can't believe August is over and it's already September! August was a crazy month for me, which unfortunately meant that several my goals didn't get done. (Though in my defense, I was in Europe for the first chunk of August and didn't get around to setting my August goals till halfway through the month.) But now that it's September and my school year has just begun, I'm super motivated to tackle school and life with a new vigor. (Nothing like the beginning of a new school year to get you pumped up, right?)

As always, with a new month comes a new set of monthly goals. As I mentioned in this post and in this post, 2016 is all about focus for me, and about delighting in being a student. To help myself grow in these ways, I'm setting concrete, baby-steps goals for myself in some key areas of my life. This includes monthly goals, which I share here on the blog, partially to hold myself accountable and also in hopes that it will encourage you in your goals too!

Once again I'm joining forces with some fabulous bloggers to bring you September's monthly goals post. Be sure to check out these gals' goals for September as well!

A U G U S T  R E C A P
  • Finish journaling about my trip
While I did work on this, I did not finish journaling about my entire trip. I just have so much to write about! But I do plan to finish up while all the memories are still fresh in my mind.
  • Finish reading the books I started on my trip
Again, I worked on this, but being the slow reader that I am, I haven't finish these books yet. But I brought them with me to school to keep reading during my down time / prayer time.
  • Say a prayer in the morning as soon as I get up, and one at night right before I go to bed
I crossed off the second half because I did well on saying a prayer right before bed...but I was pretty bad about doing it in the morning. Praying at night is more of a solid habit for me, but in the morning I'm in the (bad) habit of getting up and starting to go about my day without giving God much of a thought. I hope to keep improving on this one in September!
  • Blog 3 times a week
Check! The only exception was last week when I only published one post. But last week only included the last like 2 days of August, so I'll still consider this goal completed!
  • Get rid of some more clothes
Nope. I never got around to taking my last few bags of clothes out to sell or donate. Maybe over Christmas break.
  • Visit with my cousins + home friends at least one more time
Yes! I got in lots of visits with my cousins and my friends from home before I went back to school, and it was lovely.
  • Do my back-to-school shopping
Check! A trip to Target, two trips to Walmart, and a little bit of Amazon got the job done,
  • Get my planner, notebooks, etc. ready for the new semester
Yep! As always I was super excited about getting a stack of new notebooks and a brand new, beautiful planner (seriously guys, I found the planner of my dreams at Target) and getting them all ready for the new school year!

S E P T E M B E R  G O A L S

(Last school year, I divided my monthly goals up into categories (personal goals, academic goals, and spiritual goals), and then over the summer I switched to making bullet point lists of my monthly goals. Now that it's the school year again, I'm going to go back to breaking my goals down into three categories.)

Academic Goal: Stay on top of readings.
Seeing as I'm already slightly behind on some reading, I already have to play catch-up a bit on this one. But I'm still determined to actually complete all of my readings in a timely fashion and not let myself slack off and get way behind!

Personal Goal: Establish consistent morning and nighttime routines.
I want to get into regular, structured morning and nighttime routines with quiet / prayer / no-tech time during each. Ideally I'd like to keep my phone on airplane mode while I'm getting ready both for the day and for bed, and also take a few minutes for prayer and reading in the morning and before I go to sleep. In the mornings I'll also do things like make a to-do list for the day, eat a good breakfast, etc. Basically, I'd like my mornings to be prepare me for a productive day, and my evenings to be a time for recollection and reflection.

Spiritual Goal: Do a little bit of spiritual reading every day.
I just mentioned how I'd like to read a little bit in the morning and at bedtime, and I'm going to make it spiritual reading. I'll probably start by finishing some of the aforementioned books from my trip that I have yet to finish, and I'll also include some Scripture reading. I've been realizing more and more the importance and value of spiritual reading, and I'd really like to incorporate it into my day every day.

What are your goals for September?

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