Tuesday, September 6, 2016

August Roundup

Guys, can you believe it's September?! Seriously, August flew by so fast and I'm in shock that it's already September. August was a bit of a whirlwind for me ~ I was in France for the first week of it, then I came back home to Michigan for 2.5 weeks, then I headed back down to Florida for school, and promptly started my senior year of college. Talk about crazy!

Even though we're already a few days into September, I still wanted to publish a roundup of all my favorite links from around the web in August. So take a gander at the following awesome articles and blog posts...

Erica's post has some tough love about why your blog audience isn't growing, and great advice on how to change that. It's given me a lot to think about with my blog and how I approach it!

This post and video from Brooke of World of Wanderlust about whether it's safe to travel in Europe right now are excellent ~ and I very much agree with her. Many people were concerned about my being in Europe for such a long time this summer (myself included, honestly), but as Brooke puts it, you can't "live in fear of what may happen to you. Life is to live, not just exist."

This article from Verily about being an introvert and FOMO (fear of missing out) is spot-on. I'm an introvert (possibly an extroverted introvert), and I've definitely experienced my share FOMO, especially in college. This article offers a great perspective on introversion and why missing out is sometimes perfectly okay. I recommend checking it out, whether you're an introvert or an extrovert!

Here's another good one from Verily. This article lists 7 important things that should invest in in your 20's. It's really insightful and helpful for those of us who are twenty-somethings and just entering the adult world (or are in school and soon to be entering it).

This post by Amelie is full of excellent tips on how to improve your writing! As a literature major who has written many a paper in her life, I can testify that these tips are game-changers when it comes to writing papers in college. These tips can totally apply to blogging as well!

Grace's post on how to establish a good morning routine is super helpful. Getting into a consistent, productive morning routine that prepares me to have a productive, fulfilling day is something I want to work on this semester, so I'll definitely be using some of these tips!

This post by (another) Grace made me feel so peaceful just reading it. It's a beautiful and thoughtful reflection on the tranquility of rainy days, and the way beauty and goodness stir our souls.

Last but not least, I discovered a couple new blogs last month that I am absolutely loving and that you should definitely check out:

because im addicted
Style Bee

Also, here is a list of all the posts I published in August, in case you missed any or would like to read any of them again!

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