Tuesday, October 4, 2016

21 Things You Didn't Know about Me

Hey friends! Yesterday, October 3, was my 21st birthday! To celebrate the occasion here in the blogosphere, I decided to put together a fun get-to-know-me post. So here are 21 fun facts about me that you may or may not know. Enjoy!

1. I skipped second grade.
I didn't start kindergarten till I was almost 6, because I missed the 5-year-old cutoff at my old private school by 3 days the year before... But after first grade, my family started homeschooling and bumped me right up to third grade!

2. I was supposed to be 5'6".
You know how they try to predict your height when you're a toddler? Yeah, they predicted I would reach 5'6". Instead I'm 5'3" and the shortest in my family by several inches.

3. I'm an ISFJ.
Every time I take the Myers-Briggs test, I get ISFJ ~ and the description fits me to a T!

4. I've met Will Smith.
One of my teachers from high school knows him and works with him, so when I was 16, I got to go to Philadelphia to tour one of his movie sets and meet him! He gave me a fist bump and a high-five, and he was super nice!

5. I can talk in a chipmunk voice.
It's my hidden talent, and it brings much joy and laughter to those privileged few who get to hear it.

6. I can crack way too many joints.
I can (and do) crack my fingers/knuckles 4 different ways, my thumbs 3 ways, my toes 3 ways, my ankles 2 ways, my knees 2 ways, my shoulders 2 different ways, my back several different ways, my neck, my wrists, my elbows, and my hips. *bows*

7. I don't like salad dressing.
I can't stand the taste of any type of salad dressing. So yes, when I eat salad, I literally eat plain lettuce. But I like it that way.

8. I wanted to be a meteorologist when I was little.
Until I found out how much math and science would be involved in that. No thanks!

9. I've worn glasses since I was 8.
Yep, I have really bad eyesight. I'm always, always wearing either glasses or contacts ~ I can't see a thing without them!

10. I would have been named Gannon if I'd been a boy.
Let's just say I'm super glad I'm a girl.

11. I can do a cartwheel.
Thanks to taking two years of gymnastics when I was younger. I can also (sometimes) do a round-off.

12. I cannot roll my R's.
Nope. It makes trying to speak Spanish a little difficult and pathetic, ha.

13. I've lived in my house in Michigan since I was 9.
We moved in just a few days after my 9th birthday. So I've called that house home for 12 years now!

14. I have no known allergies.
And it's quite nice!

15. I learned how to read upside down in kindergarten.
And thanks to that, I can still read upside down perfectly to this day. Thank you, kindergarten teacher!

16. I'm extremely squeamish and I've fainted quite a few times.
I once fainted at a doctor's appointment when they tried to give me a cholesterol test. I also once fainted when my cousins were describing their blood-donating experiences to me. Basically, I can't handle blood and it makes me faint.

17. My bedroom at home is sky blue.
It was one of my favorite colors when I was 9, and it's still one of my favorite colors now.

18. I once dressed up in a hot dog costume and danced/flailed at the corner of a four-way intersection.
One day at my summer job at a garden center, we were having a cookout, and so my job for an hour or so of my day was to do the above. #yolo

19. I've had one broken bone.
I was about 3, and my mom was pushing me on a big-girl swing, and I distinctly remember needing to itch my nose, so I let go ~ and promptly fell off the swing and broke my elbow.

20. I once starred in a short film.
One of my friends wrote and directed a parody of "Twilight" and "Bad Luck Brian," and I played the clumsy, awkward, wannabe-vampire lead character. It was a really fun experience!

21. I play the guitar and I used to play the flute.
I played the flute from 6th grade until about 10th grade, and I would probably remember how to play if I picked it up again. I started playing the guitar when I was 8 and took lessons for 5 years ~ and I still enjoy playing it at home in my spare time.


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