Friday, November 11, 2016

October Roundup

Hey friends! I'm stunned at how fast October went by, at the fact that we're almost halfway through November, and at how rapidly the end of the semester, the holiday season, etc. is approaching! Also, I know October, like September, was a bit of a dud month for me in terms of blogging... let me tell you, this semester has been crazy. But I do have some awesome links for you from last month from other people's blogs that you should definitely check out!

So without further ado (and despite the fact that it's a little overdue), here's a roundup of my favorite links from October.

This funny piece about expectations vs. reality of college made me laugh cuz it's far too true.

Kayla's tips and Amanda's tips for having an easier, more productive morning are super helpful and motivating. Mornings are something I've been working on this semester (and I think I'm slowly but surely becoming a morning person), and I will definitely be implementing some of their tips!

Speaking of mornings, this post from Amelie is full of reasons why being a morning person is awesome ~ and even with my limited experience as a morning person this semester, I can confirm that they are all true! So if you, like me, are looking for more motivation to become a morning person, look no further.

I appreciated Caroline's tips and outfit inspo for layering in warm fall weather, since fall here in southern Florida consists of temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. #missingmichiganrightaboutnow

This article on FOCUS' blog about why it's okay that Jesus doesn't always fill our emptiness is beautiful. When we feel that aching emptiness, that painful void in our hearts, and it feels as though God is distant ~ he may actually be closer. Not only does this article contain some beautiful insights, it also provides some practical advice ~ give it a read.

I loved Kirsten's post about "just getting started" when it comes to studying. I think just getting started is the biggest thing I struggle with when it comes to schoolwork, and it's the #1 contributor to my bad habit of procrastinating. So this post was so helpful and motivating for me!

On a similar note, this post on Verily offers a very interesting productivity hack that I've never thought of and might just have to try. I have a feeling it might help me a lot with school, especially as the end-of-semester craziness approaches.

Another Verily post for you. This one is about the dangers of sugar and was well-timed, since I'm currently trying to cut back on sugar for both my physical and dental health. And also because the holiday season is fast approaching (Halloween most recently, Thanksgiving in a couple weeks, and Christmas next month).

Lastly, here's a roundup of my (sadly small amount of) blog posts from September and October, in case you missed any or want to read one again:

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Also, my post On Waiting was published on The Young Catholic Woman last month (on my birthday, as a matter of fact)! You can check it out here.

Did you enjoy any of this month's links? What are your favorite links from the month?

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