Hey there! Welcome to my blog! 

I'm Stephanie, a 20-year-old cradle Catholic who was born and raised in Michigan. I'm a senior at a liberal arts college in Florida, where I'm pursuing a degree in literature. I'm an ISFJ, so basically I'm an introvert with a big heart, fierce loyalty to the people, beliefs, and traditions I value, and great enthusiasm for organization and details. I love God, my family, and my friends more than anything: they enrich my life and mean the world to me. 

I love singing, acting, writing, reading, dancing, knitting, praying, laughing, and playing the guitar. I have a not-so-slight obsession with tea and tea lattes. I'm a homebody at heart, but I also have a thirst for adventure and a desire to travel. Literature, theology, and philosophy get me super excited, especially anything having to do Shakespeare or Dante. I went to England when I was 16 (and again when I was 19) and it captured my heart forever. Some of my favorite things are striped t-shirts, photos, coffee shops, quaint towns, sunsets, and chocolate.

Here on my blog, I write about God, college, travel, and life. I share my experiences, my tips and tricks, and my heart, always aiming to provide helpful, engaging, and encouraging content for you, my dear readers.

I also hope extend to you God's love and joy. God's demonstration of love and power in my life in recent months and years has inspired me to grow and to help others to grow ~ and this inspiration is the main reason I decided to start blogging. I hope that my readers and I can have both deep, fun, and productive conversations, and strive to grow and better ourselves together. 

I hope you'll pour a cup of tea and stay awhile!

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